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1) General Features
2) The difference between the two versions
3) Accessories Available 
4) General Guidelines on Solar modules with Glowstar


General features:

Durable, tough, glass filled polypropylene high impact, plastic construction.

No glass covers to break. Polycarbonate, UV stabilised  cover to protect lamp

Sealed, high reliability switches

Rain proof (when vertical) , dust proof, insect proof

Attractive packaging

User friendly operation and simple to use

Multiple LED indications

Maintenance free . All parts corrosion resistant

Can stand in 160mm of water

10,000 hours lamp life

True zero power consumption when turned off

Highly efficient inverter and control circuits

10 minute shutdown warning

Operates in any orientation.

Temperature compensated charging method for full battery capacity and longer battery life

Can be charged from solar, mains or vehicle

Protection against deep discharge (inc. aux. output). Disconnects at 50% depth of discharge

Long battery life. Battery capacity reduced to approx. 60% after 450 cycles, if fully used down to disconnection level every time. Longer life if not fully used every time.

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There are 2 types of Glowstar; Glowstar and Glowstar Plus;

The Glowstar Plus has a bigger battery, brighter lamp, auxiliary output and Auto function hence runs for longer but requires a larger solar panel to operate and is more expensive


Glowstar GS5

Glowstar GS7


5W *





Running time from full charge

5.2 hours

8.0 hours

Auxiliary output


12V, 0.5A

Auto function



Max charge current

0.6A (10W)

1.2A (20W)




Lamp Wattage : Both versions of the Glowstar can operate with ether a 5, 7 or 9W 4Pin compact fluorescent lamp. You can change the lamp in you Glowstar if required to give a different brightness and different length of running time. The table below gives a guide to the running times possible.

Lamp (and equivalent output)

Glowstar GS5

Glowstar GS7

5W  (25W GLS)

5.2 hours  *

9.0 hours

7W  (40W GLS)

3.7 hours

8.0 hours *

9W  (60W GLS)

2.9 hours

6.0 hours

* Units supplied with these lamps.

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Accessories Available


Use with Glowstar GS5

Use with Glowstar GS7

5W solar module


Not   recommended

10W solar module



20W solar module



30W solar module N Y

Mains charger.



Vehicle charge cable.



You can use your own solar module provided it meets the following specification:

Solar  Modules  
  With GlowStar GS5 With GlowStar GS7
Nominal voltage 12V 12V
Max. open circuit voltage 24V 24V
Max. short circuit current  0.7A 1.4A
Max. Peak Power 20Wp 30Wp
Optimum Voltage (Vspec) 14 to 17V 14 to 17V
Optimum current (I@ Vspec) 0.6A 1.2A
Type Amorphous, poly or Mono-crystalline

Mechanical Robust, strong and suitable for portability

Cable J connector fitted with 2.1mm DC plug.

Polarity in center contact is +ve 

General Guidelines on Solar modules with Glowstar