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The Glowstar lantern is the brainchild of a British non-profit consultancy called Intermediate Technology Consultants.

After trials in Kenyan homes, the lamp was launched commercially this month. The hope is that it will do for rural African lighting what the clockwork radio has done for its listening--provide a cheap, reliable, ecologically friendly product that does not require mains power, expensive batteries or kerosene. See article in new scientist July 2000

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On the 23rd March 2001, ITC issued the following press release on their web site;

We are forming a partnership with Sollatek, a UK based company who specialise in solar and electronics manufacture and distribution throughout the developing world.

The final design details have been finished. Additional details and functions which were raised by the customers in the field testing have been added. The tooling for the injection moulding process is now being made. This will take approximately 3 months, and production will start immediately the tooling has been completed and tested.