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  • Up to 6 hours of light
  • charges from the sun
  • Zero running cost
  • Extremely Bright light (equivalent to 60Watt tungsten light)
  • Very solid, durable design
  • Versatile; charge it suing Solar, AC charger or Car Charger
  • Emergency  function: Lights on automatically in power cuts
  • From as little as $85 (Glowstar and  car charger)

      Uses & 
  • Daily Essential light
  • Emergency light
  • Camping & Boating
  • Security Light
  • Garden & Shed Lighting

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The Sollatek Solar Lantern

Whether you live in part of the world, where you have no access to electricity or at least reliable constant source of electricity or whether you need to light up an area that is remote and electricity is not readily available, The Glowstar might provide the answer you have been waiting for. In these situations, most people are forced to rely on candles or Kerosene lamps to provide basic lighting in their homes. Battery operated lights are generally not efficient and do not last much.

In Kenya for example, 96% of householders use kerosene for lighting, while 70% also spend significant amounts of hard earned cash on dry-cell batteries for torches. This recurrent cost every month eats up valuable financial resources that could otherwise be directed towards children’s education or family health.

Energy from the Sun is available for free and many parts of the world countries have it in plentiful supply. As a result there has been a growing interest in Photo-Voltaics (the devices used to convert the Suns energy into electricity) and Solar Home Systems.  Unfortunately the cost of installing even a moderate Solar Home System puts it out of the reach of most African families.

The GLOWSTAR Lantern has been designed as a low-cost alternative to a Solar Home System, or emergency light or just a convenient way to provide a constant source of light without any cost and can be charged wherever you are in the world.

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